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Robotic 3D inspection system

ABB 3D Vision&Metrology

ABB FlexInspect

Be one click away from 100% quality
control automation

The turnkey Robotic 3D inspection system is the ultimate answer for industries looking for a fast ROI while reaching 100% quality control with a productivity ramp up, and operative costs reduction. 



Shiny/Black parts digitization

EDR technology implemented system parameters  adjustment to easily digitize shiny and black parts without the need for spray 

Extremely fast 

The XR technology and seamless integration with  the ABB robot allow the scanning process to be done within the fastest time while measured 
data is processed in real time using multiprocessor  technology

Fast learning curve 

Quick customization and very easy to use solution. No specific skills are required. Two training days are enough to handle and control the full operation of the cell

Remote control assistance

Unit fully integrated with the ABB Patented Remote Service for retrieval of the system performance data. The root cause is immediately diagnosed and identified to determine how performance issues can be resolved

One Source

The cells are equipped with centralized power distribution. All components such as robot, positioners, 3D scanning equipment, CAD comparison computer and other peripheral devices are supplied from one source; this means that one power supply cable is necessary for the whole cell.

ABB 3DVM_P2.png


Automated Process

ABB 3DVM_P3.png
ABB Report
ABB Vision Report
Technical Data

Technical Data

LASS Technology ABB 3DVM White Light Opt

More than 100 installed measuring systems worldwide

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