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Boresight Kits for OEM Integration

Metronor can provide technology kits enabling OEMs to develop their own boresight/harmonization solutions based on Metronor’s core technology and applicable Harmolign system components.

An example of such an approach is the Harmolign system for F-16, called the Boresight Alignment Equipment System (BAES) supplied by BAE Systems to F-16 operators around the world. For these systems, Metronor has supplied technology and know-how, a Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as key hardware components such as system cameras and LED pads. BAE Systems has developed the software user interface as well as all the aircraft-specific hardware, and also handles system configuration and characterization , as well as training, support and maintenance.

OEM integration may be attractive e.g. to speed up development cycles through concurrent engineering, may help secure synergies between different Ground Support Equipment units in terms of look, software, shared computers etc. In addition, it may reduce or avoid the need to export sensitive data and obtain approvals for such export.

When it comes to the need for export approvals for military equipment and technology, the same limitations apply to OEM integration as for delivery of complete solutions.

See it in action on the F-16: BAES
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