New Generation: Optic Tracker

Metronor’s range of portable coordinate measuring systems offer the best probing capability of any portable technology, excellent accuracy, large working volumes and extreme ruggedness and reliability very affordable initial and life-cycle costs. With over 600 leading manufacturers around the world using our systems, Metronor systems deliver proven return-on-investment in a multitude of applications and industries.

  • Portable System

  • Large-Volume Measurements

  • Tactile Probing

  • No Laser, No PointCloud, No Stickers

Military : Harmolign

Metronor’s Harmolign products are designed and developed to meet the requirements of military customers, and are rugged, reliable and modular.

Military : References

LASS Technology Metronor Optic Tracker H

SAAB Gripen


Eurofighter ASTA

KAI Surion

KAI T-50 Family

Lockheed Martin F-16