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Large Volume, Full Freedom 3D Scanning


Full freedom scanning in large volumes

K-Scan is Nikon Metrology’s walk-around laser scanner for portable metrology applications. Accuracy, ease-of-use and stunning performance ensure it to be the most capable handheld scanning solution without mechanical constraints. The scanner is tracked by the K-CMM Optical Tracker so that operators can measure anywhere needed



Dyna​mically Compensated Measurement

By positioning LED markers on the measured part, instabilities are compensated so measurement of parts that move or vibrate is possible to the same level of accuracy as if they were rigidly fixtured.


At the same time it is possible to simply move the camera to measure from a different location using the LEDs to define a reference frame.

Multi-Probing Solution

To measure geometric features, seamlessly switch to the lightweight, highly repeatable Multi-Sided Probe which features a range of motion free from directional limitations

Full Freedom of Movement​

Mechanically unconstrained,
the K-CMM system can
measure large areas without
the need to move the camera
or the part With a measurement depth of 6 m even full cars, large press tools and heavy
machinery can be measured without repositioning 

Walk-Around Inspection 

Combine several K7500 cameras into the same coordinate system using dynamic targets to create a full walk-around measurement cell

Measure the most challenging materials


K-CMM is an accurate portable measurement system suitable for checking design, production and dimensional quality in industrial environments. The system offers high measurement accuracy in a volume of 35 m³ up to 7.5 m distance from the camera by employing high-resolution optical technology to precisely triangulate the locations of infrared LEDs mounted on the K-Scan

Technical Data

Technical Data

Accuracy in combination with laser scanner

LASS Technology Nikon KScan Robot_Handhe


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