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Portable Laser Scanning Arm

ModelMaker H120 Scanner with MCAx Arm

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Ultra-fast high-definition 3D scanning

Incorporating blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials this represents the next generation of portable laser scanning.


The H120 makes no compromises in addressing the market needs by efficiently delivering the most detailed and accurate data in a fraction of the time of competing technologies.



Unequalled Precision

Thanks to a scanner accuracy of 7 micron and a combined system accuracy with Nikon Metrology’s MCAx arms of up to 28 micron.

Extremely Low Noise Data


Nikon lens combined with blue laser technology making it possible to clearly identify small scratches and abrasions on a surface. 

Immediate productivity

Simple system set-up, immediate boot-up and no need for scanner warm-up combined with the structural rigidity, thermal stability and absolute encoder technology of the MCAx arms allows users to switch on and start confidently collecting accurate data straightaway.

Uncompromising Performance

By combining a frame rate of 450 Hz, a stripe width of 120 mm with ModelMaker H120 guarantees fast data collection over a large area without compromising on small details offering great flexibility in a single solution even when cycle time is critical, no matter the type of parts measured.

Measure the most challenging materials


The 4th generation of Nikon’s patented Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4) provides faster-then-ever real-time dynamic adjustment of the laser intensity for every point.


Users can confidently scan across parts with strong colour transitions and varying reflectivity from any direction with no loss in scanner speed and no need for prior part preparation.


ModelMaker scanners also benefit from intelligent reflection control which allows users to measure very shiny or polished materials while unwanted reflections are filtered out.

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Accuracy in combination with laser scanner


Laser Scanner Spesification

LASS Technology Nikon Portable Laser Sca


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Nikon Laser Scanner_7.png
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