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Robot Vision



What is Inspected ?​

  • For Automotive BIW; Spot, nut, tucker, weld seam,..etc

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Object detection for the quality control

  • Car finish inspection at the car body pressing

  • Color inspection of attached parts in automotive engineering

  • Thread Inspection

LASS Technology FlexVision Cell

Interactive Custom Spesific Screen​

  • Visualization of type and position of defects

  • Documentation of rework

  • Documentation of worker voting

LASS Software SPC

  • Measurement and inspection technology

  • Position control

  • Contour inspection

Excellent 2D/3D data quality with defect resolution up to 0.01 mm by using FlexVision and illumination on all industrial objects even with shiny metallic, dark, absorbing or translucent surfaces.

Integrated with newest Software Technology to offer flexible adaptation of inspection and measurement functions. The user can easily define new measurement functions, test with real abjects and save for automatic processing.

This Technology can be used in all industries for static stop&go or dynamic robotic applications. The system offers industrial easy of use interfaces with most of PLCs, Robots/Cobots and digital IO units.

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