Weld Seam Inspection on Robot

Vitronic VIRO

New Standards for Automated Weld Seam Inspection


What is Inspected ?​

  • Safety or highly quality relevant weld seams of axles, bodies, roof, wheels, bumpers, seats …

  • MIG/MAG - , laser-, electron beam-, brazed seams

  • Materials: aluminum, steel, others

Inspection Criteria

  • Surface pores

  • Undercuts

  • Weld volume

  • Weld thickness

  • Misalignment

  • Weld length

  • Weld height, throat thickness

  • Excessive convexity

  • Incompletely filled groove

Benefits of Automated Inspection

  • Objective 3D measurement, rather than subjective assessment

  • Reliable detection of defects

  • Documentation of product quality

  • Analysis for targeted optimization of the welding prozess

  • Complete automation

Database Analysis and Documentation

Video (BMW)


More than 500 systems measuring around the world


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