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Helmet Tracker Alignment Systems

Electro-Optical Helmet Tracker Systems (HTS) need precise positional and orientational data for the camera positions to function properly. Metronor has extensive experience in developing, supplying and supporting alignment systems for electro-optical Helmet Tracker Systems on aircraft such as SAAB Gripen and Eurofighter.

Similar in concept to Metronor’s Harmolign boresight solutions, our HTS alignment systems enables any technician to quickly and accurately carry out 6-DOF alignment of various optical tracker systems. Like our boresight/harmonization systems, also our HTS alignment system can be delivered with an optional end-to-end verification system, allowing the end user to verify the performance of the HTS alignment system at any time.

Watch the video for an overview of the Helmet Tracker Alignment in the Saab Gripen.

See it in action on the Saab Gripen
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