New Generation: Portable Coordinat Measurement Systems

Metronor Optic Tracker


All Metronor technology is built on in-house research and development within electro-optics and photogrammetry – the science of precisely determining the location of items based on images.



Cost-efficient to buy, easy to
learn, efficient in use, simple to
re-configure – excellent ROI

Electro-optical principle without mechanical links ensures life-long accuracy and easy and convenient operation

Complete measurement solutions including probes, computer, software and transportation case






Metronor DUO

Highest accuracy Widest range of applications, including SwitchMode, deformation monitoring, tracking of objects in all 6 degrees of freedom, and process repeatability testing.


Metronor SOLO

Large volume capability, Extremely easy to learn, very fast to set-up with no warm-up time, Probing of any detail, including hidden and deeply recessed details, Excellent for planarity, parallelism, flatness and aligning of shafts


Metronor ONE

True usable measurement volume of 15m3, Cost-efficient and fast to learn Handheld probe without linkages  convenient and reliable

Metronor-Solo Twin.png

Metronor SOLO TWIN

Full 70° field-of-view
Efficient in tight and confined spaces
High accuracy on large objects


Technical Data

LASS Technology Metronor Optic Tracker S

Capability Options



We offer a wide range of probing options. Our Lightpens options go from 30 cm up to 2 m.


Punch Probe

Point stylus with a built-in light-weight automatic center punch. Enables marking features on objects based on measurement data or CAD comparison


Extended Probe Kit

To reach deeply recessed features or points that are very hard to reach, the extended probe kit provides longer stand-off distances.


Camera Battery Option

Enables new generation Metronor cameras to operate without being connected to mains power.


Stability Control Kit

Enables accurate measurement even if the object moves relative to the camera(s). The stability bar exposes at the same time as the Lightpen so that any movement of the measured object will be detected and compensated for or if movement is too excessive, a warning is displayed.


LED Application Kit

Metronor DUO is unique in measuring many points simultaneously.  The LED application kit enables a wide range of unique benefits such as vibration stability control, float mode, repeatability studies, deformation and alignment.


Precision Positioning Kit

A stable planar carbon structure with embedded LEDs designed for precise fine-tuning of object position for example of large castings on the milling machine bed.



Metronor's 6 degrees of freedom navigation 'probe'. A stable carbon structure with LEDs pointing in all directions, NaviTarget is suitable for tracking or aligning objects in space and will allow a Metronor system to monitor the NaviTarget's position and orientation regardless of the relative position to the camera.



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