Automated, Non-Contact Large Scale Metrology

Laser Radar MV331/351

The Nikon Laser Radar is the only solution available that provides automated, non-contact measurement capability for large-volume applications of up to 50 meter radius. This revolutionary measuring instrument is suited for repetitive, complex, hard-to-reach, delicate and labor-intensive inspection tasks in automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and many other large scale applications.



High accuracy and repeatability

The accuracy is dependent on the measurement volume and accuracies range from 24µm (2m distance) to 102 µm (10m distance). 

Fast targetless and non-contact measurement

Laser Radar’s propriety laser reflection technology obsoletes tedious positioning of targets at difficult-to-access locations. Furthermore, the system offers inspection speed up to 2000 points per second in Ultra-fast Vision Scan capture mode. Laser Radar plays in a different league than laser tracker and photogrammetry.

Flexibility in measuring surfaces and finishes

Recapturing one billionth of the reflected laser beam is enough for the Laser Radar to accurately perform a measurement. This means the Laser Radar can scan dark diffuse as well as highly reflective materials or surface finishes of any colour at sharp incident angles. The system’s high signal/noise ratio yields repeatable range measurements on composites, metals and even highly reflective painted surfaces. 

Powerful feature, hole and edge measurement capabilities


The Laser Radar’s edge detection tools also allow users to measure both sharp and hemmed edges with superior accuracy.

The Laser Radar is being used in many different aerospace applications 



Inline inspection with Laser Radar on robots


Inline inspection

Features such as holes, slots, pins, studs can be quickly inspected using the Laser Radar.

By-pass inspection station

Laser Radar on Robots is up to 6x faster for feature inspection than traditional tactile inspection with horizontal arm CMM.

Incoming component inspection



Technical Data




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